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•  Criteria for the Assessment of Inventiveness of a Patent Invention relating to a Compound, the Generic Concept of which is Publicly Known (Supreme Court Decision 2019hu10609
•  Recent Supreme Court Case on Interpreting the Scope of Rights of Product by Process (PBP) Claims in Trials to Confirm the Scope of Rights.
•  Eligibility of Prior Art and Scope of Recognition for Phase 2 Clinical Trial Protocol - Korean Patent Court Decision 2019Heo4147, rendered on February 7, 2020
•  2021 Revisions to the Korean Trademark Examination Guidelines (Effective January 1, 2021)
•  The Judgment on the Novelty and Inventive Step, if it is Clear that the Disclosure is Incorrectly Described(Patent Court Decision 2019 Huh 4796 issued on December 17, 2020)
•  Case of equivalent infringement based on whether problem-solving principles and effects are identical or not and whether substitution of constitutions are easily made or not (Pate
•  Interpretation of Product-by-Process Claims (Korean Supreme Court Decision 2020Hu11059, rendered on January 28, 2021)
•  The Korean Patent Court's Recent Decision on the Criteria for the Determination of a Same Invention when Filing a Divisional Application
•  Establishing the International Trial Department in which Lawsuits are Proceeded in English in the Patent Court of Korea
•  Whether a Double Limitation of Using "preferably" in the Claims Makes
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