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What are the main characteristics of the Korean patent system?
What is the first-to-file rule?
When is an unexamined application laid open?
Is a request for examination essential to receive an examination of a patent application?
How long is the term of a patent?
What are the differences between a patent and a utility model?
In relation to intellectual property, what are the international agreements and treaties to which Korea is a party?
What is the History of the Korean Intellectual Property system?
What documents are required for filing a non-PCT patent application or entering the Korean national phase under the PCT?
When is the due date for filing a Korean translation of a PCT application?
What are the requirements for claiming priority? Must a certified copy of the priority documents be submitted to the KIPO?
Should I conduct a search for similar trademarks before filing an application?
Who may file an application?
When can the applicant file a divisional application?
When is the due date to respond to an Office action? For how long and how many times can the deadline for responding to an Office action be extended?
What is the patent reexamination system in Korea?
How is the Korean trial and appeal system organized?
What types of trials does the KPL provide?
What is the due date for appealing an Examiner’s final rejection?
What is a trial for patent correction?
Who can institute a patent invalidation trial? When to file a patent invalidation trial?
What is a trial to confirm a patent scope?
What is a trial for invalidation of correction?
What is a trial for granting a non-exclusive license to a patent?
What to do to register a patent?
Is it possible to register only some of the granted claims?
Is it possible to pay the patent registration fee or annuities after the lapse of the deadline for payment?
What documents are required for registering the assignment of a patent or a patent application?
Where to find the Korean Patent Gazette?

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