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We strongly believe that we have the capabilities and capacity required for the work required by our clients. We have well-organized teams constituted with senior attorneys, attorneys, and skilled patent engineers. Our attorneys communicate closely with inventors to guarantee high-quality drafting of patent applications.

The details of our work in drafting patent applications are as follows:

▷ Evaluating the Invention Disclosure including meeting with inventors and reporting to clients;

▷ Searching prior art and providing comments for a design-around;

▷ Communicating with inventors and clients through one or more meetings (video-conferencing is also available for foreign inventors);

▷ Drafting a patent application in Korean (drafting in English is also possible upon request from the client);

▷ Preparing the drawings, POA, and assignment;▷ Translating the summary of invention, claims, etc. into English.

We have a well-organized system for filing patent applications along with our teams of senior attorneys, attorneys, and skilled patent engineers. Our detailed work procedure is as follows:


We also have a well-organized system for responding to OAs utilizing our teams of senior attorneys, attorneys, and skilled patent engineers. Our detailed work procedure is as follows:


Upon receipt of a Grant of Patent from the KIPO, we promptly inform the client of it with detailed information for the registration of the patent. Registration fee and annuity payment services are provided upon request from the client. Also, our registration and annuity team provides the client with timely reminders of annual patent deadlines to prevent inadvertent expiration of patents. Without explicit instructions, patents are kept in force.

All Patent Court cases and major Tribunal cases are normally handled by a team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law. Senior patent attorneys take responsibility for Tribunal cases and Patent Court cases as main attorneys. We have extensive experience and know-how for handling trials and appeals.

We provide our clients with freedom-to-operate analysis services to advise and assist them in evaluating their ability to commercialize their technology free and clear of third party patents, before they enter established markets. Senior patent attorneys take responsibility for the freedom-to-operate analyses. We assess the client ' s competitive landscape using targeted prior art search techniques and focused market analysis, provide prior art search services or manage the client ' s information resources to maximize the quality of the client ' s searches and minimize the client ' s cost, and apply search and market information to assess the freedom to operate in the client ' s key markets. We also advise our client both legally and technically on how best to avoid infringement.

We provide clients with validity opinion services for ascertaining the validity and enforceability of their patents. Senior patent attorneys take responsibility for the validity opinions. Our professionals ' extensive litigation experience enables us to provide realistic validity and infringement opinions. We help clients to determine that their patents are both valid and enforceable before filing an infringement lawsuit and to minimize the risk of enhanced damages at trial.

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