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IP Litigation
We are experienced in enforcing Intellectual Property rights by means of litigation in all major areas of Intellectual Property law - patent, trade secret, unfair competition, trademark, copyright and internet domain name disputes. We are particularly experienced in International Patent Litigation and have the resources to provide the most comprehensive and knowledgeable support to our foreign clients when litigation becomes necessary.
We customize our services according to the needs of our clients and assist them with all Litigation matters, including preliminary investigations, warning letters, confirmation of scope trials, invalidation trials, preliminary injunctions, permanent injunctions, civil suits for damages, and criminal IP-related  suits.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
We have one of the strongest reputations in Korea in the field of IP Litigation. When circumstances merit its use, however, we favor alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which can lead to faster, less costly and confidential resolution of disputes. We often develop litigation strategy that is designed to meet our client’s goals through ADR instead of trial proceedings.
We view our litigation skills and IP transaction experience as complementary to our ADR skills. Our extensive litigation experience gives us firsthand insight into the various types of arguments adversaries may raise and we are closely familiar with the most complex issues that can become contentious in IP transactions. Combining our litigation and IP transactional experience with our ADR skills allows us to shepherd our clients to favorable settlements of disputes in a wide range of alternative forums.
Commercial IP Transactions
We provide services for carefully tailored transactions that are aimed at achieving the maximum benefit for the client. Our legal experience, technical knowledge, and business acumen in IP transactions, in addition to the close cooperation between our attorneys at law and patent attorneys, help you to establish strategies that increase the value of your intellectual property and generate revenue, strengthen your negotiation position and smoothly resolve any contracted issues in order to bring your transaction to a successful close.
Our experts in contracts and licensing provide superior advice to ensure the most advantageous licensing agreements possible for our clients. As part of the consulting services provided to our clients, we often draft patent applications with a specific view to future licensing arrangements.

Based on an accurate valuation of the technology, we are able to identify, seek out and introduce potential licensees, investors, and future business partners. We advise clients from the initial point of contact through the core stages of negotiation, drafting, and review of all agreements.
Due Diligence
In fast-moving, high-stakes mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnering, and investment transactions, obtaining a precise and comprehensive intellectual property evaluation is critical. This could mean assessment of the strength of a single licensed patent or a thorough review of an entire portfolio. The possible outcome of pending or potential litigation, the assignability of a company's IP agreements, and the scope and ownership of IP rights are just some of the issues one must consider.

Our extensive understanding of varied technologies and IP laws allows us to help companies react quickly to any issue that may emerge during a transaction, to provide thoughtful and accurate answers to investors' questions, and to craft complex contract terms that properly allocate risks. We deliver highly targeted and sophisticated analyses of the IP assets at issue that can help drive an equitable deal.
IP Evaluation
If your company is considering litigation, a new line of business, the development of an innovative product, mining its portfolio, or licensing or selling patents, you need to understand your current legal and business position, risks, and options. We provide the information and guidance to help you make the right choices for your business.

We can render a broad spectrum of opinions ranging from opinions on a specific patent to long-term, ongoing counseling on large and diversified patent portfolios or litigation. We routinely address issues relating to patent validity, enforceability, misuse, design-around, licensing potential, IP contract construction and enforcement, and export controls. We regularly work closely with our clients' legal, business, and technical staff to identify the potential for risk and reward from the idea stage to the creation and development of revenue-generating portfolios.

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