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Based on our extensive experience in IP transactions, legal services, and business counseling, we have a broad international and domestic network. We first gain an understanding of the current needs of buyers/sellers and analyze the market. We assess the value of the patent portfolio, and develop sales strategies to maximize our client’s profit and shorten the time to accomplish the contract. We identify and match potential sellers/buyers. We also have the know-how to resolve conflicts of interest between parties and accomplish successful closings.
We provide thorough, timely and cost-efficient patent and trademark searches for our clients in order to evaluate the registrability of their intellectual property. We can also provide expedited search services for urgent cases. In order to safeguard the patent right and the well-known trademark rights of our clients, we have an intricate Watching System in order to prevent the registration of similar patent or trademarks. Pursuant to this system, we watch the Patent Gazette, Trademark Gazette and bulletins relating to patent or trademark applications on a daily basis, and when an application for a similar patent or trademark has been identified, we notify and advise the client on measures that may be taken to block the registration immediately.

  We can also arrange for a client’s well-known trademark to be registered at the Korean Customs Office, which ensures that import/export items that may be potential counterfeits are investigated on a daily basis at all domestic Customs Offices. Once infringement has been confirmed, we initiate diverse legal measures on the client's behalf.
We have a deep understanding of technology and extensive experience in search and analysis of prior art, literature, and relevant patents around the globe. We also have the business and legal insight and knowledge to develop your IP portfolio. Our professionals scrutinize your patent database and identify potentially infringed or underutilized patents. This allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your IP portfolio and helps you to plan a successful IP business strategy in the market.
We provide services that structure and develop marketing programs for your business success. Our professionals conduct market surveys and interpret market research data to understand market trends and consumer needs. We also assess the value of your IP assets based on these surveys and provide you with strategic counseling that increases your assets and maximizes the strengths of your IP portfolio.
We regularly conduct general and, if requested, targeted monitoring of domestic online and offline markets with respect to potential counterfeit products. If infringement is being perpetrated, we immediately issue a report to the client and provide comprehensive anti-infringement services, including the sending of a warning letter to the infringer, the filing of an official criminal action and the institution of a civil suit for damages. After the identification of a counterfeiter, our market investigation team with one or more assigned attorneys can also conduct raids against the counterfeiter in cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office and often works closely with prosecutors in order to persuade them to impose harsher criminal charges against the counterfeiter.

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