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Should you have an attorney for trademark matters?
Does the Korean Trademark system adopt the First-to-File Rule or the First-to-use Rule?
What is the History of the Korean Intellectual Property system?
How long will it take for my mark to be registered?
Should I conduct a search for similar trademarks before filing an application?
Who may file an application?
Are multi class applications allowed?
What goods classification is used in Korea?
Are additional applications for designated goods allowed?
When should you apply to renew the term of a registered trademark?
What are the requirements for claiming priority? And, must a certified copy of the priority document be submitted to the KIPO?
Is registration of my mark guaranteed?
Are divisional applications allowed?
Are converted applications allowed?
What are the most common reasons for refusing registration?
How is the Korean trial and appeal system organized?
What are the types of appeals and trials?
What is the due date of filing of a Trial against a Final Rejection? And, can this date be extended?
What are the requirements and effects of an Invalidation Trial of Trademark?
What to do to register a trademark?
May I assign or transfer the ownership of my trademark?
What documents are required for assigning a trademark right or a trademark application?
What if someone else is using your registered mark on related goods and services?
Where can I read the Korean Trademark Gazette?

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