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•  Whether information published after application is considered when determining easiness of substituting elements in equivalent infringement (Supreme Court Decision in Case No. 2
•  Introduction of Additional Fees for Divisional Patent Applications (Amendment Act Effective from August 1, 2023)
•  The judgment that the applied-for mark ‘natura B&C’ is not similar to the pre-registered trademark ‘Natura’ (Patent Court 2022Heo 2745)
•  Supreme Court case providing guidelines on determining whether the inventiveness of a numerical limitation invention is denied based on the cited prior art reference. (Decision in
•  Case regarding reconfirmation of criteria for determining abuse of market dominance under the Fair Trade Act (Supreme Court Decision No. 2020Du31897, rendered on April 13, 2023)
•  A Case Regarding the Inventiveness of Crystalline Form Inventions (Supreme Court Decision No. 2019Hu11800, rendered on March 13, 2023)
•  Partial refusal and Request of reexamination for trademark registration applications implemented by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) (Applied from February 4, 2023)
•  A Case Regarding the Description Requirement of the Specification for the Medicinal Use Invention Specifying Dosing Regimen and Dosage (Patent Court Decision No. 2021Heo37
•  Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be recognized as an inventor?
•  Criteria for determining the difficulty of configuration of a compound that is theoretically within the scope of the chemical formulas and its substituents described in Markush fo
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