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•  Coronavirus vaccine-related patent application newly designated as a subject eligible for expedited examination(Revision of the Enforcement Decree of the Korean Patent Act (KP
•  Revised Korean Patent Act effective from April 20, 2022
•  Korea Revises its Trial Mediation System and Introduces a Timely Presentation Principle for Patent Trials
•  The Supreme Court judged that if a Final Rejection does not mention a particular ground for rejection, the applicant must be informed of the ground for rejection in order for suc
•  Whether a later applicant who has succeeded the right to obtain a patent may claim a priority even if a change of the patent applicant for an earlier application was not reported w
•  Revision of the Examination Criteria to Strengthen the Description Requirements for Parameter Inventions
•  Update to Allow Exclusion of Title and Locarno Classification for Secret Designs in the Design Registration Gazette (As of April 1, 2021)
•  A Collection of Patent Court Cases on Trademark Scope of Identity in Non-Use Cancellation Trials
•  Criteria for the Assessment of Inventiveness of a Patent Invention relating to a Compound, the Generic Concept of which is Publicly Known (Supreme Court Decision 2019hu10609
•  Recent Supreme Court Case on Interpreting the Scope of Rights of Product by Process (PBP) Claims in Trials to Confirm the Scope of Rights.
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