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•  Partial refusal and Request of reexamination for trademark registration applications implemented by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) (Applied from February 4, 2023)
•  A Case Regarding the Description Requirement of the Specification for the Medicinal Use Invention Specifying Dosing Regimen and Dosage (Patent Court Decision No. 2021Heo37
•  Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be recognized as an inventor?
•  Criteria for determining the difficulty of configuration of a compound that is theoretically within the scope of the chemical formulas and its substituents described in Markush fo
•  The Patent Court’s ruling that the applied-for mark “DEW” lacks distinctiveness due to a number of prior-registered marks combined with a word “Dew” (2021 Heo 5099)
•  Method of Judging Novelty of Patent Applications in the Case of Having the Same Constitution or Property with the Prior Art (The Korean Supreme Court’s decision on Decemb
•  Recent Patent Application Trends in the Field of Techniques Related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
•  Whether a divisional application is eligible for a grace period based on the filing date of its parent application in the case that the grace period was not claimed at the time of
•  The Patent Court judged that “OUR HOSPITAL” is “a trademark which is likely to harm public interests in society at large, and is against public order” (2021 Heo 1257)
•  Revisions to the Offense of Infringement of Design Rights and Utility Model Rights (Enforced on June 10, 2022
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